Shadowparty are a group consisting of Devo and New Order members united by the fact they were all latter day additions to the already accomplished bands they then joined.

The band is made up of Josh Hager, current member of Devo, Tom Chapman, who has played bass in Bad Lieutenant and New Order, current New Order member Phil Cunningham who was also in Marion and Devo drummer Jeff Friedl.

This was their first gig in Scotland and it was possibly too large a venue for their debut as the Classic Grand was nowhere near filled. However once Josh had encouraged everyone to move forward closer to the band, everyone was able to feel as if they were on the stage with them and see their musical ability and tightness as a group close up.

With a style that takes influence from the bands they’ve all had stints with, tinged with ’80s beats, and the Manchester sound, there are also elements of T Rex and Talking Heads in there. The single, Celebrate, brings to mind the kind of anthems we’ve come to expect from bands such as the Killlers and wouldn’t be out of place on a stadium stage.

Covers of George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord, John Lennon’s Working Class Hero along with a David Bowie number to finish were all delivered in fine form with a certain swagger.

With all members also being involved in various other bands and side projects this is a coming together of individuals with a need to play music that binds them together. Judging from tonight, they’ve certainly gelled.

Their debut album Shadowparty is available now on Mute.