Glitch sounds were the theme of this gig, with a beautiful line-up beginning with Margate-based Adem and ending with a consortium of talent lead by Glasgow-based Jo Mango, via Wolf. Jo Mango, who has just released an EP that is drawn from and inspired by criminologist Professor Fergus McNeill’s academic text, Pervasive Punishment, was very much promoting this niche project as well as treating her fans to some of her older tracks.

Adem started the evening in impromptu spirits by performing just him and a glockenspiel. Stripping it down and keeping it acoustic, it actually set a nice relaxed precedence to this gig, as if it was nothing else, it was certainly that. I am sure I caught the eye of someone in the audience actually sketching the performers.

Performing tracks such as Snow in April and Pillow, it was beguiling watching him perform these on just this one instrument. The audience were respectful and the quiet was observed, whilst he rattled through his set in this novel way.

Next up was Wolf, or Kim Moore, who I’ve seen several times recently around the venues of Glasgow, performing beautiful and mystic soundscapes. At moments I think we all feel like we’re clambering our way up the Norwegian Glittertind or navigating the fjords, as Kim set is atmospheric, yet also humble and modest as she mentioned it was down to Jo that she now performs. In that respect, it felt apt to have her on stage before Jo Mango and friends took to the stage for the EP launch.

Joining her amongst many were Adem and A. Wesley Chung, who performed old as well as new tracks including The Moth and the Moon. There was an interesting mix of instruments on stage, a glockenspiel being played with a bow, double bass, guitar, and of course Adem performing more of those glitch sounds that were consistent throughout this new EP. Performing those new tracks from her unusual EP, System Hold we were indulged by performances of Depth, Weight, and certainly Suspension, which was designed to make us feel that suspension. An unusual yet chilled gig, it was more than interesting to observe the talents of this group of people perform, with Jo the common thread, holding it all together, from what I can gather this evening it sounds like this is not only done on stage.