Launching new album, Impossible Bodies, Faith Eliott and band took to The Hug and Pint in Glasgow with support for an avant-garde night of experimental sounds. After releasing the album dedicated to animals, through their own label, OK PAL records, Faith celebrated the release with this warm evening of music, an intriguing variety and a hug to the ears.

Moonsoup was first on, who describe themselves as “music your pets might like”, apt then if later in the evening we are to hear about the pets. Vocals and guitar, reflective, contemplative, there is a soulful yet indie element to their sound. Certainly was appropriate for this headliner.

U.S. Highball were also intriguing, a queer-pop duo from Glasgow, with comedy timing. Calvin Halliday and James Hindle on guitar, vocals and synthesizer, it was very much that bedroom-tape DIY sound, which was entertaining and heartfelt. Both members of power-pop outfit, The Pooches, last year the pair began writing songs as a two-piece, and from tonight’s performance it would appear that they enjoy this current arrangement.

And last but not least was Faith, with Reuben Taylor on keys, Robyn Dawson on violin and Mario Cruzado on electric guitar, as they gave a flavour of the new release. Performing tracks such Lilith, Grouper, Black Rabbit, Monkey & Flea, the crowd got a great taste of the new LP, with full backing band, adding to the sound, with those arrangements. With Faith’s vocals at points reminding me of the great Joanna Newsom, they’re evidently a stunning musician, with wordy lyrics.

It was a wonderful band set-up, the warmth of the night peaked at this moment, as we were introduced to meaning and context behind the tracks. An enormous hug of an evening of music.