Mr Oizo celebrates twenty years of that track that got more people talking about puppet ‘Flat Eric’ than the Levi jeans it was meant to be selling. Anyone of the nineties will know precisely, as the track, Flat Beat, was all over everyone’s televisions and gave instant fame to the legendary Flat Eric (Mr Oizo’s head banging puppet). 

And now to celebrate, Oizo, real name Quentin Dupleux, has released a fantastic new four-track EP, Rythme Plat to mark the occasion, which is out now, on Ed Banger Records. Mr Oizo, who hails a great degree of respect within that Ed Banger community, is consistent as this EP is as repetitive as the original track that came out twenty years ago. And with this EP, Oizo offers us four different tracks with four different sounds. 

Rythme Plat, which so happens to be Flat Beat in French, is stripped back with wavy bass line, with plenty of percussion to give us something to move our heads to (the same way that puppet did twenty years ago. Viandes Legumes Vehicules is packed full of minimal beats and a mild bassline, with a repeating vocal sitting high in the mix. However, there is only so many times of hearing Meat Vegetables Vehicles before it loses it’s edge, and I feel it’s gone on a little longer than is required.

Dolce Vita has a more sultry sound, with the raspy vocals of Italian DJ/Producer Phra aka Crookers featuring. Mellow and reflective, it’s very different to the one previous. The final track on the EP is uniquely introduced by none other than Beastie Boys’ Mike D. Nuque is a textbook Oizo track, the one that’s most similar to Flat Beat. Incorporating punchy modulated synths and wide drum movements, there is definitive link witnessed between the tracks.

A novel EP at least, a hint that there’s much respect within the music community for Oizo at best, it’s an intriguing four-track record that sees him plugging in his Korg MS20 Synth again.

Rythme Plat is available now, out via Ed Banger Records.