After a forty year career in the music industry the legendary “Father of Disco” 78 year old Giorgio Moroder finally embarked on his first ever live tour.

Accompanied by a band and backing singers Giorgio had the Royal Concert Hall on its feet and dancing as hit after hit he’d written, performed or produced were belted out.

Regaling us with stories of his time in Hamburg when he started a record label, which hosted such artists as Marc Bolan and Led Zeppelin and the story of how the late 70s disco hit Love to Love You Baby for Donna Summer came about, Giorgio charmed his audience.

It was a slightly bizarre set-up with Giorgio not doing much but hanging out behind his sound desk but in his aging years not much more could be expected. The audience clearly loved the mix of disco and film soundtrack hits along with newer collaborations such as the Daft Punk tune Giorgio by Moroder and Right Here, Right Now from Giorgio’s latest solo album Deja Vu released in 2015, which Kylie Minogue sang on.

After being encouraged to get on their feet during second song, Bad Girls, the party was brought to the Royal Concert Hall with the crowd staying there for the full gig apart from a bit of relief during the Oscar-winning Take My Breath Away from the film Top Gun released in 1986.

Giorgio did sing on one of his early hits, the synth driven From Here to Eternity released in 1977, which was well received along with a resounding reception for the Donna Summer hit from that year, I Feel Love.

Loads of happy faces left the venue after what was a great celebration of a man who was a pioneer in electronic music and worked with some seminal artists. Every tune was a hit to sing along with, dance or sway to from throughout his long career in what was an extremely enjoyable evening.