A Mote of Dust took to Glasgow’s Mono on the evening afore Record Store Day 2019 to aptly remind the folks of Glasgow what it means to cherish local music, and the talent that surrounds it. A gig that was filled to the rafters with people who music I love, or those that simply have a clear love of music, it had a touch of magic never to be recaptured. Although it was the album launch of A Mote of Dust II, it was the band’s farewell gig, as lead singer, Craig, is onto pastures new. With support from synth-noise-maker, Kim Moore, otherwise known as Wolf, it was a wonderful evening of music, but with a poignant tone.

Kim Moore was on first, and this was no easy gig for her, as she was performing to a crowd of music aficionados that were doubly emotive with pathos and excitement, as A Mote of Dust were performing for the final time. Sadly, with a venue filling up, as she performed, the door opening next to the stage was a distraction for the crowd, as well as Kim herself. However, this did not take away from the soundscapes she builds, through vocals, strings and nobs on things.

And after a moment to refill the drinks with vegan craft beer or grab a soya latte, A Mote of Dust stole the audience’s attention from the get go with their poignant, lyrical acoustic vibes, with added noise from Jenny Reeve on electric guitar. A Mote of Dust, Craig and Graeme were clearly on to woo the crowd but also to enjoy their last evening of performing. Whilst performing tracks from their albums, such as Evolve and A Mote of Dust, there were some notable performances, including the Aereogramme track, Nightmares, and The Unwinding Hours’ Tightrope.

But the one, which really stole the moment of the evening was when lead, Craig, called songstress, Kathryn Joseph onto the stage for a song of theirs she had previously covered, the stunning yet unsettling Cracks in the Mirror. The tipping point for many that were emotional already for saying a fond farewell, this performance was ridden with humour and heart. With Graeme Smillie reliably on keys there was little to criticise about an evening so steeped in respect and resonance. The only disappointment was that we will see this formation no more.

Photos courtesy of Ragnaarbastiaan