Liverpool-based She Drew The Gun returned to Glasgow for this sold-out gig, having being upgraded from original venue, The Hug and Pint to the larger Mono as part of their fully sold-out UK tour to promote second album Revolution of Mind.

The stage was set with imagery displaying the band’s logo and raised arm and clenched fist symbol, which some in the crowd greeted the five-piece with. The band burst on to the stage launching into recent single and album opener Resister, a fiery beginning to rev up the crowd with Louisa Roach’s fine vocals delivering the political messaging behind the song.

The rest of the set included songs from first album Memories of Another Future along with tracks from the new album blending together well and appreciated by the welcoming crowd in attendance.

The theme of empowerment runs through Louisa’s lyrics and she has an evident ability to story-tell through her words with an un-scathing look at the state of society in the UK today. At times this poetry is akin to Kate Tempest and sung with fiery fervour and at others pure pop tinged sing-along.

The band are a tight outfit and mix a sweet blend of melodic psych pop with tinges of blues, funk, soul, sixties and punk throughout to balance the strong vocals and create something unique.

There is a lot for people to identify with in the work of She Drew The Gun and anthems in the making – hopefully this band will go on to bigger and better things.