Last year Richy Muirhead organised a Paisley Takeover that was thoroughly enjoyed by the locals and it was therefore, hardly surprising to see that the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (SAMAs) were back once again to promote music and provide insight within the town.

With several workshops on various aspects of the music industry, and a conversation with Glasgow’s well versed, long-standing musician, Stuart Braithwaite. Prolific for being the lead singer of Mogwai and at the heart of the Scottish music industry, with Rock Action Records, who releases work by the likes of Sacred Paws and Kathryn Joseph, Braithwaite happily discussed his career with the record label with Glasgow Live journalist Craig Williams.

Insightful with humour, Stuart’s presence opened the door for questions from those looking to set up their own labels and those starting out, as well as musicians who were just awe-inspired by Mogwai’s longevity and progression with the times, yet again, working on another soundtrack. That’s precisely what some bands strive for.

And to finish the weekend off with a sold out Kathryn Joseph gig in the Paisley Arts Centre, with Michael Timmons supporting, seemed to be quite the ticket, as it was impossible to get one.

Michael Timmons is clearly influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley, and his guitar playing is far from rhythmic, with audience members clapping half way through a song, thinking it’s over. He has a delicate approach to his music and a grace, which makes him appealing to his audience.

Kathryn herself, was typically bewitching and mesmerising, stealing the show with stunning performances of tracks from the new album, From When I Wake The Want Is, the album released on Rock Action Records. Tell My Lover, We Have Been Loved By Our Mothers, and the title track had us all in the palm of her busying hands, for they never left the piano. Indulging us with tracks from her previous album, she concluding the evening with The Bird. A wonderfully haunting performance, with ounces of humour thrown in, keeping the audience more than entertained.

Photos courtesy of Keep It Creative Photography.