Indie folk/rock singer-songwriter Rozi Plain is a solo artist and band-leader, who is also a touring member of the alt-folk/rock band This Is The Kit. Originally from Winchester and now based in London, Rozi Plain was one of the founder members of the Cleaner Records musical collective in Bristol.

For her fifth album, What A Boost, Rozi Plain has called on a wide range of guest musicians, including This Is The Kit band-mates Kate Stables, Jamie Whitby Coles and Neil Smith, to help deliver her imaginative and graceful ambient soundscapes. Built around Rozi Plain’s quietly compelling and hypnotic vocals, the songs are multi-layered and totally absorbing, revealing more and more of their charms with repeated listens.

Inner Circle opens the album with a deliciously trippy, ‘desert blues’ vibe, featuring mesmerising, multi-tracked vocals, echoey guitar and washes of moody sax over an insistent groove, and a dreamy fade with understated fiddle woven into the mix. In the gloriously infectious Symmetrical, rhythmic percussion ushers in shimmering guitar chords over elegant synths, as Plain’s gently fervent, overlapping vocals draw the listener in and tumbling shards of jangling guitar take over in an extended break (“…A-symmetrical, to be symmetrical, to see symmetrically, A dream, a dream, a realistic dream…”). The Gap has a jazzy feel, as syncopated rhythms kick in and Plain’s graceful vocals glide along on a crest of chirping, flute-like synths.

Opening with grungy guitar riffs below chiming guitar picking, Old Money features a series of extended synth and organ-like breaks against an elegant backwash of wispy sax (“…Lessons learned less and less, Lesson learned, Speak to me in old money please…”). Trouble is a majestic slice of polyphonic pop, notable for edgy guitar, sax and synth grooves and Rozi Plain’s beautiful harmonies with guest vocalist Kate Stables (“…What a boost, what a boost, Trouble one, trouble two, What a boost, what a boost, Trouble me, trouble you…”). In Quiz, angular guitar picking, skittering percussion and echoey synths eventually give way to gentle choral effects, before an exquisite synth melody drifts in, lingers and fades out. The album closes in stunning fashion with the ambient, Eno-esque brilliance of When There Is No Sun, which rejoices in crisp percussion, gently spiralling guitar, burbling synths and gorgeous overlapping harmonies (“…The sky is a sea of darkness, When there is no sun to light the way, There is no day, There’s only darkness, eternal sea of darkness…”).

What A Boost is an album of real quality. With this collection of mesmerising songs and delicate, multi-layered arrangements, Rozi Plain has created a truly immersive experience for the listener.

What A Boost will be released on 5th April 2019 via Memphis Industries Records.