Performing to a half-packed Broadcast with what seems like a crowd already more than half way for a Friday night sesh, Red Rum Club seemed to give it their all with their audience-pleasing energetic performance. Playing tracks from their new album Matador, the lads from Liverpool seemed to impress the crowd, who joined them up on stage for their final track, Would You Rather Be Lonely? I assume the point behind this was to offer the alternative to lonely, however I also assume they didn’t expect one of the more far gone audience members to practically fall of the stage.

The guys, Fran Doran, Tom Williams, Michael McDermott, Simon Hepworth, Neil Lawson and Joe Corby, initially formed in 2016, and the six-piece have been biding their time before releasing this record, after signing with Modern Sky. Clearly with a hard-working ethos these guys have potential but sadly their album, Matador, did not hit the right notes for me, and unfortunately that did not change with the live performance. The energy and dynamism was there but some of the playing was bordering on sloppy at times, and the sound was not quite nailed.

Performing tracks such TV Said So, Honey and Angeline, it was very much a night of promoting the new record, but from my viewpoint they came across more like The Killers than the Spaghetti Western-inspired band they project themselves as. Clearly skilled in performing they just need to tighten their performance and get the ear for how they sound, and perhaps they could be onto something. And clearly they are onto something, the crowd in Broadcast that evening did not look disappointed, but for me personally, they need to up their game somewhat and perhaps I will take more interest.

Matador came out on 11th January 2019, via Modern Sky.