A picture book about friendships, Kiss the Crocodile is a story which introduces a brand-new game for monkey, tortoise and anteater, after they are done playing their games and spot a little crocodile and his mother. Down in the jungle, three best friends – Monkey, Tortoise and Anteater – are playing silly games together. After Stick Splash, Scary Monsters and Silly Dancing, Monkey is feeling especially daring and, with a cheeky glint in his eye, invents a new game, titled Kiss the Crocodile.

But who is brave enough to steal a peck from the sleeping croc, with his big tail, pointy teeth and sharp claws? MWAH! Brimming over with the thrill of friendship and play, this warm and yet new story from the author of Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise. Ben Mantle, illustrator of Follow the Track All the Way Back, has done a wonderful job making this a fun and vibrant book for children three years and over.

A cute story, which outlines this idea of not judging a book by it’s cover or treating someone differently because of how they look, Kiss The Crocodile will be read many times over as they giggle at little Crocodile and Monkey’s dancing as well as the mere notion of kissing a crocodile no doubt. Heart-warming, colourful and with the inclusion of onomatopoeia, children will adore this new title from Sean Taylor and Ben Mantle. It’s a short but rollicking tale.

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Kiss The Crocodile by Sean Taylor and Ben Mantle.

Kiss The Crocodile is out now, published by Walker Books.