Emilie Kahn, formerly known as Emilie & Ogden has released new album, Outro ; a delicately haunting LP, which came out on 22nd February, via Secret City Records. An intimate record, stunningly crafted and compiled, Outro is a melancholic and reflective nine-track LP, and one for checking out from this new incarnation of Emilie & Ogden.

Emilie Kahn released her first record, as moniker Emilie & Ogden, 10 000, four years ago and has progressed to a more intimate level in that time. Stripped down raw and delicate, Outro is a revelation into is Emilie herself, a keen writer determined to bend pop to her will. The LP, produced in collaboration with Warren C. Spicer of Plants and Animals, offers something more open, offering a voyeuristic listener a beautifully honest voice. The harpist has duly earned a spot at the table of Montreal’s pop scene

Outro is a negatively introspective look back at the past as Kahn pores over every misplaced feeling and bad call. Island, for example, is about escaping every person she has ever met to an island, to be entirely alone. It’s not an entirely easy listen, as we delve into her woes and pains.

Opener, Swimmer, is a lush pop song, culminated with harp and guitar, and that voice, and those lyrics (“I wrote you a tribute, I wrote you a hundred songs, just like this one, that you’ll never hear”), preparing us for the delicate nature of this record. Island, as aforementioned, is somewhat damning of her world, as she contemplates leaving for an island, whilst reflecting on a relationship. Will You begins, “my hands don’t work so well no more, my mind ain’t so sharp either”, she considers getting older, and suffering, a formidable listen, underscored by both drums and discordant synth. Don’t is a wonderfully crafted track, minimalist for her vocals to really amplify, hitting us with lyrics such as, “Don’t leave the cats out too long, they get lost in the alley, don’t stay up working all night again.” There is an element of pathos to this song, which is impossible to shake off. Seeking finishes the album off, as it begins, her desire for love and acceptance. Simply Emilie’s vocals and harp, with a little piano thrown in, we are confronted with her heartache. and struggle.

A hauntingly raw album, that forces us to take on board heartache and pain, Outro is a blistering record, well worth a listen.

Outro is available now, via Secret City Records.