As it’s been three score years since Bill & Ted’s first Excellent Adventure first hit the cinema, the Glasgow Film Festival added this unique event to the programme for 2019, an event akin to the likes of Secret Cinema, whereby we could watch the original movie, with the help of their pals at Park Circus, in Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries. Feeling somewhat like a Bill & Ted lock in, Glasgow’s shopping centre enabled the audience to indulge in this thing of the past, which is partially set in a mall, gorging on Graham’s Dairy Ice Cream and Bill & Ted themed cocktails.

As you entered the galleries and walked up to the cinema screen you could spot actors dressed up as some of the historical characters, Billy the Kid, Sigmund Freud, Joan of Arc and Abraham Lincoln. There were Glasgow Film Festival staff carrying trays of Graham’s Dairy Ice Cream, which you could help yourself to. Next to the screen there was a pop up bar with cocktails named after sayings in the film, as well as your usual beer and wine of course.

The actors would attempt to interact with the crowd, tentatively it seems, and there is a little disappointment there, as where was Napoleon and Socrates, two of the key figures in the film, and pre-screening, Abraham et al introduced the film in a similar way to their performance to San Dimas high school. We were then surprisingly handed over to Alex Winter, who spoke to us before the film began. And the rest we all know, as it was the very film that came out thirty years ago.

There were a couple of disappointments, I mentioned the actors previous, but the proximity to the toilet was another, this meant that we had to be escorted to the bathroom, as no escalators were operating and it was a trek to simply make it there that by the time you got back, you did find you had missed a chunk of the film. However, the event was immensely fun, there was a joy to seeing the film in this venue and the novelty was found amusing by the crowd.

Photo by Ingrid Mur.

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