The Dandy Warhols are celebrating the fact that they have hit their 25th Anniversary this month with a tour that incorporates a Celtic Connections gig in Glasgow. An unusual inclusion for the festival’s programme, the American lads, led by frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor, truly energised their rowdy fans, before concluding the evening with the dropping of balloons sparking the party vibe. Supported by French surfer-punk band Juniore, the fans seemed adequately satisfied as they left The Old Fruitmarket with the adrenalin of a satisfactory gig. With a setlist of more than twenty songs they ran us through their new tracks as well as their backlist, dragging us to a time when we were much, much younger…twenty five years younger to be exact.

Grunge, sass, guitar, synth and drums and a metal face are all thrown into the mix for the first band up, Juniore. Performing tracks that combine punk and yet surfer-rock there is much to keep the attention on the Paris-based band. A sweet surprise, I will be looking to hear more from Juniore in the upcoming future, I suspect we will be hearing more from them.

As for The Dandy Warhols and their anniversary gig, there was a sense of delinquency and deviance in the air as soon as they hit the stage. Despite not being packed out, the rowdiness of the fans made it appear otherwise, and they were keen for a night of it, that was certain. It was evident that the sound was never going to be spot on this evening but that was more than made up for in the charisma and sheer presence. Grungy, as I remember them, The Dandy Warhols treated us to Brent DeBoer on drums, the sassy Zia McCabe on Korg synth, Peter Holmström and Courtney Taylor-Taylor on guitar and bass. Performing classics such as We Used To Be Friends, Crack Cocaine Ranger and Get Off they certainly don’t disappoint. Providing one big long Dandy Warhols medley without much in the way of crowd interaction and breaks, the set list was in excess of twenty tracks.

Voyeuristically watching many disappear down their nostalgia trips the band indulged their fans with Plan A, You Were The Last High, and a wonderful rendition of Godless with John Reid on trumpet. Mesmerising, entrancing, this gig was celebrated with the release of anniversary balloons, adding to the party vibe that fans and band alike had already culminated. Spurious perhaps for a Celtic Connections gig, this one certainly had the band’s fans excited.

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