Austin-based artist Bayonne, a.k.a. Roger Sellers is back with his new album, Drastic Measures, which was released on February 22nd via City Slang. Packed with luxuriant, wholesomely-hugging, intricate electronic pop, Bayonne plays every instrument on this record himself, then loops it all together. 

Each song on Bayonne’s Drastic Measures is orchestral in texture, unfolding in countless layers and kaleidoscopic tones. By weaving in warped samples of field recordings he’s gathered for over a decade, Roger has created a multitextured sound with this new album. Despite the orchestral arrangements this record bears a pure pop lucidity throughout, which often throws me back to the era of The Bee Gees, particularly with those falsetto notes.

The new album takes its title from a track that embodies the album’s central theme: the instability inherent in an artist’s life, and the often-futile attempt to attain balance. This considers the whole nature of the music industry with the constant touring, and the varied and eclectic sound depicts the mood changes and instability throughout.

The crystalline production of the album marks a departure from Primitives, Bayonne’s entirely self-produced and more loosely structured full-length debut. In compiling the immaculate album, Sellers partly drew inspiration from the velvety melodicism of 1960s symphonic pop. And the album is a true joy to listen to from QA through to Bothering. Drastic Measures itself is a wonderful pop anthem, which alludes to the likes of the Gibb brothers with a wonderful percussion underscoring. Gift is an epic track, building layer upon layer chronologically with the piano in the background of the soundscape consistently dictating the tempo. There is a warmth to this track, which comes from the music, nevermind the actual lyrics. Kind is dream-pop at it’s best, lulling you into a sense of ease, in fact a great song to begin a day, with a head nod towards Django Django.

Titling the album Drastic Measures is deceptive, a warm intimate melody of music compiled almost perfectly and I urge you all to take Drastic Measures to listen to this one.

Drastic Measures is out now, via City Slang Records.