The OG UK “alternative” pioneer and man who definitely-maybe-is-but-maybe-definitely-not related to Finlay Quaye (deep cut nineties reference there) – strikes back with a solid collection of beats and synthscapes only he could provide. Ulterior Motive’s James Davidson joins him for their first collaboration as project Subjective.

If you think of the blistering drum n’ bass Goldie built his reputation on, but slow it down to a chill flex, then you might think you can pretty much guess where this is coming from and where it’s going. Yet, Midnight Monsoon and Silent Running bring forth memories of, believe it or not, Vangelis’ seminal early eighties output. Soul is added via frequent collaborators Natalie Duncan and Tyler Lee Daly, adding a lift and a hint of Massive Attack’s Protection to songs like Find Your Light. This leftfield (but not Leftfield, dad) approach was pre-emptively signalled by first single Inkolelo, whose sampling from the Beating Heart Project’s massive collection of African chants and drumbeats add a gorgeously evocative layer to a song that is certainly disarming if you’re both expecting and not expecting the eventual drop. These sidesteps can lead to mis-steps, however, such as when final track Find Your Light – Beauty turns out to be a way-too-chilled version of the more satisfyingly syncopated beats of its earlier sister track. Yet the album is both blissful and dynamic enough to forgive such things.

So, a Goldie collaboration that gives you drum n’ bass, but also some trip-hop and Ian Brown-esque arpeggiated strings (I see you taking notes from The Greatest, Waypoint)? You can’t really say no, can you?

Act One: Music For Inanimate Objects by Subjective is out now, via Sony Music Masterworks.