Short, punchy, with gritty lyrics, Red Rum Club‘s new album Matador has clear head nods to Queens of the Stone Age or any of Josh Homme’s music projects in fact, and is the first from Liverpool’s new sextet, who have recently followed the likes of The Slow Readers Club and Catholic Action with their recent signing to Modern Sky UK.

Red Rum Club’s debut takes you on a short journey through Spaghetti Western Rock’N’Roll good times, but blink and you might miss it. A half hour album clearly influenced by Morricone and the cinematic scores for Tarantino movies, Matador attempts to hook you with their gleaming ambition, but the well-hyped album is unfortunately nothing more than mediocre. As aforementioned, yes it’s punchy and the technical skill from these six is certainly not lacking but one thing is, and it just doesn’t quite pull you in. It almost feels rushed and they were keen to put out something but this needs a little more refinement and that one track that holds it all together. Recorded at the infamous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, with added production assistance from Chris Taylor, it has been well executed, and the values are there. That extra special something that makes an album unique is, however, not.

The guys, Fran Doran, Tom Williams, Michael McDermott, Simon Hepworth, Neil Lawson and Joe Corby, initially formed in 2016, and the six-piece have been biding their time before releasing this record, after signing with Modern Sky. Hard-working and technically skilled lads from Liverpool, they have a strong work ethic and I will look out for more from them in the future, but this album is not unfortunately doing very much for me. The tracks are too short, and bordering on repetitive, there just needs that one single for the rest to drape around but I am still looking for it, hopefully it will come with the next album.

Red Rum Club’s Matador is out now, via Modern Sky.