As part of the Celtic Connections Haiku Salut took another trip to Glasgow (there were here less than four months ago performing their lamp show in The Blue Arrow) to play at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint, headlining a gig that also gave exposure to some of Scotland’s own home-grown talent. With Super Inuit and Jared Celosse supporting, there was an eclectic array of a line-up to entertain, with Haiku Salut concluding the night, ensuring a content crowd.

Jared Celosse, who was recently signed to Olive Grove Records performed first, stripped back to sheer piano and vocals, a DIY sound, which allows for the lyrics to be heard. With lyrics such as “be bound by the beauty of breaking”, Jared Celosse serenaded us with seemingly poignant musical theatre.

Super Inuit, Edinburgh-based Brian Pokora and Fern Morris provide a synth-heavy set, her haunting vocals against a backdrop of dark electronic sounds. Clearly very much influenced by the Bristolian sound of Portishead, they have much going for them. And there are releases on the cards it seems, keep an eye out.

Haiku Salut, the headliners, who most were here to see, were once again mesmerising and spectacular. They have many pseudos’ it seems and instead of offering the choreographed lamp show, they seemed to haul us into a Sci-Fi movie tonight. Although promoting their most recent LP release, There Is No Elsewhere, as they did last year in the Blue Arrow, there was an altogether different vibe to this gig, which brought us up in amongst the stars and back down again. Combining their wide range of instrumentation. trombone, glockenspiel, to name a couple, Haiku Salut packed out the venue with a nicely diverse crowd. And having seen them a few times before, I wonder how it is I am able to write yet more about this Derbyshire outfit. Perhaps it is because every set I have seen by them has been vastly different despite their trademark sound, that pulsating, rhythmic building of sounds. I urge you all to see this trio, in whatever format they may present their music.

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