One of the many side projects of Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), who along with Paul Simonon (The Clash), Simon Tong (The Verve), Tony Allen (Africa 70 with Fela Kuti) make up this ‘super group,’ rolled into SWG3 for this Glasgow date on their new tour.

The Good, The Bad And The Queen haven’t been active since 2007 when their debut album was released and have just released their second album Merrie Land.

It’s this album which featured in the first half of the show and is something of a waltz through the Britain of today, a love letter of sorts highlighting a country in the era of Brexit and the uneasiness it brings.

Damon himself comments on how much England features in the lyrics and maybe a little nervous he would feel the brunt of the crowd on their only Scottish date. He doesn’t however but still changes the lyrics from England to Scotland in some songs to highlight the message is relevant here also.

He excels himself as a front man clearly enjoying himself, leading the singalongs and bopping along to Paul’s bass and Tony’s drums. The lyrics with mentions of Windrush, Silver Jubilee mugs, Maypoles and Boots the chemist are sung and shouted out with fervour when needed. His actions on stage also displaying the craziness of some of the meaning behind songs such as The Last Man To Leave.

Most of Merrie Land is played and once this section is complete, a planned interval occurs. The band then return to play tunes from their first self-titled album and finish with a great version of The Good, The Bad and The Queen, which brings the gig to finish in a crescendo.

Whether those in the crowd were here to see this band or their idols from the original bands they played with, the crowd were pleased with this entrancing performance from this culmination of talented musicians, who seem to gel well.