Battles, Errors, Jon Hopkins all spring to mind at various different point in the LP offering from Selling, formed of two giants of the electronic word, Derwin Dicker, aka Gold Panda, and Jas Shaw, one half of Simian Mobile Disco. The duo’s debut album On Reflection is available on physical release from 14th December via City Slang. Following the news that Jas Shaw has been diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, and is receiving chemotherapy treatment, they have decided not to tour this year but hopefully we will hear of a change to this news next year.

A short album, merely nine tracks and forty-two minutes of instrumental, synthesized pulsating beats, from this creative collaboration, On Reflection is certainly for a particular mood, or temperament. Rhythmic and quite evidently the work of two experts in their field, it’s easy to compare them to other talent such as those aforementioned, who are too considered intellectuals in their creations. Often with builds and alternations in tempo, On Reflection is transient, shifting, yet polished.

Having first met a decade ago, the two have prior history together, Jas has mixed two Gold Panda records, including their debut, Lucky Shiner. Gold Panda and SMD have also played many shows together in the UK, US and Japan. They have natural progressed from performing at each other’s gigs to recording a record together. And apparently this has been on the cards for a fair while, so it’s now happened. That’s nice.

Improvised from guttural instinct, On Reflection is a conjuring of spontaneous sounds that have been masterfully placed to create this intriguing LP. It was in the editing process that took up most of the time with this record. Free-forming and then editing, an interesting process of record-making but one that seems to work for this duo, Selling.

Mirror Can Only Lie is a track laid heavy with percussion as well as synth, which nods towards the likes of earlier Battles, whereas Phone Call From The Future, is a little more alternating in tempo, more reminiscent of Hopkins. Keeping Txme has notes of Errors’ Lease of Life LP, with it’s ambient synth, and textural layers. These comparisons are by no means detrimental, if anything it showcases the duo’s versatility in style and cements their talent, if there was any question. Moon In Water is my personal stand-out track as it outlines these producer’s tempo changes, sound alternations and adaptability, reminding us of how adept they are at creating introspective electronic tracks with high production value. For these songs alone, I advise a listen.

On Reflection is out on 14th December, via City Slang.