Rachel Dixon and Livi Gosling allow you to take a tour of the United Kingdom in it’s full glory in this fully illustrated set of county maps. Informative, embossed and vibrant, Maps of the United Kingdom travels through England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, introducing you to the incredible people born there, its proud history, and features, be it ancient castles, modern feats of engineering and natural highlights! Intended for children but certainly not to be missed by the adults, this wonderfully published book is a beautiful introduction to the UK, combining illustration and writing equally to hook inquisitive readers into the unique aspects and heritage behind the United Kingdom. 

Rachel Dixon is a travel and features writer for The Guardian newspaper in the UK and therefore reasonably informed to be writing such a book as this. Livi Gosling is a young illustrator who graduated from Falmouth University and is now based in Hertfordshire. She works primarily in inks and her colourful artwork focuses on travel, food and nature. Combined they have the know-how to create a wonderful travel book for children and this they have. 

The narrative is simple, start with England and the counties within, focusing on the activities you can enjoy in each, whether it be surfing, paddle boarding or gazing up at the night sky. Throw in some of the history of each county and what battles occurred there, as well as which iconic people were born or from this area, and we have an informative and engaging maps picture book that will keep the children entertained for hours on end. Whether it be where Kirsty Wark, Annie Lennox or Charles Rennie Mackintosh is from, this book has it covered. 

The content is in abundance and you could be sat for hours with this stunning book, reading up on the facts and history for each of the counties, and if you are like me, veer away from any device that may book some flight or train tickets in an instant. This is a catalyst for wondering off into the majesty of Lancashire or taking the ferry over to Arran. It does not quite satisfy any inquisitive mind, if anything else it heightens it, but is that a bad thing? This nation is steeped in so much history, this book might just encourage it’s readers to take a look around their own backyard before adventuring off into the Himalayas. 

Maps of the United Kingdom is out now, published by Wide Eyed Editions