Illustrator and writer, Alex T Smith, has conjured up the warmest, most heartfelt and giving of books you are likely to see this season in this advent-style delight, How Winston Delivered Christmas. Packed with Christmas gift ideas, recipes, and Christmas songs, this book is more than just a story, it would turn even the most Scrooge-bah humbug types. How Winston Delivered Christmas will light up many homes this Winter, and not just those with small people in them.

Alex T Smith, renowned for his beautiful and vivid illustration, as well as Claude, the popular and fashionable dog that wears a beret, has this time invented a new animal character that it is impossible not to love, Winston, a mouse who finds a waylaid Santa letter from young boy, Oliver, who has been too busy helping his parents out in their toy shop over the busy shopping period to post it properly, and decides to make it his Very Important Job to get that letter into the hands of Father Christmas. This, of course, comes with many adventures, obstacles and the help of some unlikely characters along the way. There are precisely twenty-five chapters to this book, or twenty-four and a half, intended to be read a chapter a day for every day of advent. As aforementioned, dotted throughout are recipes and tips for making a glistening Christmas at home, as well as within the minds of children. This is a book, which literally keeps giving, a sheer delight.

The story itself is ridden with warmth and well-meaning help that comes in the form of a pigeon and cat, enabling brave Winston with his mission. The writing is stunning, mouth-watering and best-read with a treat or two as we read of them galore throughout the twenty-four (and a half) chapters. The illustration is indulgently brilliant, vivid and screaming Christmas, and will capture the heart of any six year old. It truly is a brilliant book for Christmas, with nothing but altruism, warmth and giving at it’s core. A must-read for both parents and children this Christmas.

How Winston Delivered Christmas is available now, published by Macmillan Children’s Books.