Supporting Lucy Dacus, Fenne Lily was aptly performing tracks from her most recent album, On Hold, at the hip Mono venue in Glasgow. Admittedly unusual for her to be holding the support slot, it is more than obvious that the crowd is here as much for Fenne as they are for Lucy. For everyone else it appears that there is a pleasant surprise in Fenne’s music, a busy merch stand and a plethora of t-shirts sold suggests her following is loyal.

Kicking off her gig with favourites, Car Park and Brother, Fenne hooked her crowd in for a chilled, acoustic, lo-fi gig in Glasgow’s Mono. Stunningly haunting vocals, considered guitar picking in a venue where she can see the crowd, there’s a new take on the meaning intimate tonight. She also performs Top to Toe with an honest introduction that hints at more formidable times. Delicate, wholesome, reaffirming are all adjectives to describe the evening presented, one best accompanied by a hot chocolate or an earl grey tea.

She also performs a couple of brand new tracks which she insists no one can film, otherwise she may smash your phone or at least that’s the threat.  There are moments throughout her performance that I am inclined to recall Shea Seger.  Her album, On Hold, surprisingly released with no record label attached, is effectively promoted, did I mention that merch bustle?! For A While is a track, which builds, a soundscaping ballad that explores heartbreak, evidently her song writing is lyrical, poetic, wondrously accompanying those soothing vocals.

Lucy Dacus, the headliner, admitted that her and Fenne met at Green Man, before going feet in with full band to her grungy sounding set. With a little more grit in comparison to Fenne the technical competence and calm composure is not quite there. A soothing, reflective way to spend a Friday evening, it does not take as long to wind-down with this gig, but that is no criticism. Vocally moving, poignant and reflective, there are rich layers to this performance.