The first weekend of the The Spree, an annual festival held in Paisley over two weeks in October contained a late night Saturday session from ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur. The venue was certainly busy and Wolfgang’s west coast fans were out in abundance to catch the man in action, as he DJed and danced on the stage of the Spiegeltent whilst turning Paisley into mini-Berlin for an after-hours session.

Set in the opulent surroundings of the Spiegeltent, set up in the centre of Paisley in County Square, the up for it crowd were out in force to witness the former electronic percussionist of the group, widely considered the pioneers of electronic music. The mere mention of the band had also attracted a crowd, not merely Wolfgang’s fans, and he certainly appealed to them to some degree with his somewhat parodied versions of Kraftwerk tracks such as Neon Lights.

Wolfgang, now 71, delivered a high octane show with a DJ set showcasing his obvious love he still has with the house and electro genre, which was even more apparent after the police stormed in to tell him to shut it all down, due to neighbouring complaints (he stormed off stage outraged). There were background visuals, which showcased photos and video of Wolfgang when he was in Kraftwerk performing, a nice touch to remind us who the man was.

At times, these visuals also allowed us to see how his skills in performing the drum machine in Kraftwerk were delivered by playing tunes with beats he would have performed live in the band and hand gesturing the movement to the audience. Wolfgang has dubbed his show Musik Soldat (Music soldier in English) and it seems he certainly is, proving you’re never too old to party.

Wolfgang Flur’s album Eloquence is out now on Cleopatra Records. For more on The Spree click here.