As soon as we hit Glasgow’s Hug and Pint, and made our way down to join other Devo fans, it didn’t take us long before we realised what we had let ourselves in for with this sold out gig. Like sardines we were packed in this already sweaty venue, as it was clear the crowd, despite everyone’s proximity to each other, were up for a dance to this tribute act. We Are Not Devo are precisely that, but they do a damn fine act of performing Devo’s music and that is clear from the audience’s response.

Performing classics such as Whip It, Be Stiff and Are We Not Men? We Are Devo, they appeased the crowd, some of whom wearing white boiler suits with Devo written on them, some wearing old Devo t-shirts, and there was definitely a nostalgic feeling to the night, with a real desire to be entertained. The gentlemen in the crowd were keen for a boogie, which was more than obvious, so we too decided if you can’t beat them then join them, and boogie we did. Wearing the red plastic hats that was Devo’s trademark style, dispensing the same energy that Devo would have displayed in the seventies, We Are Not Devo were a super tight tribute act, loyal to the originals. They even wore the short and t-shirt set and knee guards for authenticity’s sake.

Devo, a band formed in the U.S.A in 1973, two sets of brothers and Alan Myers, were largely known for their discordant pop tracks, synthesized instrumentation and time signatures influential on new wave bands. They were also pioneering the music video in the early days of MTV, Whip It getting particularly heavy airplay. The aesthetics were also important to the band, not simply the music, which had a particular electronic punk pop vibe.

We Are Not Devo pulled these tracks off with the same finesse and style as the original band, making them an enjoyable and appealing act, certainly a tribute band I would happily witness live again, and from the crowd’s reaction, I think I speak for the masses.

We Are Not Devo are performing in Stereo, Glasgow on 24th May, 2019 and in Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh on 25th May, 2019.