The unusually titled Can U Cook? is the ninth studio album and title track of Seasick Steve‘s most recent release. I vaguely recall his debut, Cheap in 2004 which scares me, nine albums in. Can U Cook? sees Steve serve up his experience amidst dirty guitars, big drums and a gnarly vocal and is out via BMG, a fine new release from the Americana-Blues musician.

The Can U Cook? album was produced and written by Steve and was mostly recorded in a converted ice house on the dock in Florida with his drummer Dan Magnusson and guitarist Luther Dickinson of The North Mississippi Allstars, and ex of The Black Crowes. The new album sees Steve deliver a thirteen-track record that’s mixed sunshine in with Seasick’s mix of boogie, blues, rock, Americana and folk music. Can U Cook? is available on CD, standard and limited edition clear vinyl, and all streaming and digital platforms, and out now.

Hate Da Winter is a filthy, rocky exclamation, whilst Sun On My Face is a contemplative laid back track, a bluesy ballad to assist on Steve’s journey through the seasons. Title track Can U Cook? brings the dirty riffs back to the album, a blues track with plenty of slide guitar and a rhythm to get the head bopping, if even just slightly. Last Rodeo returns to his ballads as he leads us to country with those chords, and lyrics such as “what a world that would be, wrapped up conveniently, all smooth around the edges, never rough around the edges, like me.” Down De Road is a more upbeat track, with head nods to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, but with Steve’s own spin, but of course. Chewin On Da Blues strips it all back down to vocal and guitar, hauntingly reflective, velvety vocals atop sparse blues guitar.

Shady Tree has all the classic blues elements, with head nods to the masters such as John Lee Hooker, whereas Lay is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, profiling Seasick’s versatility and eclecticism with this album. Young Blood has a fantastically rhythmic riff to it, Get My Drift is another blues ballad, there is much to keep many music aficionados happy, as he moves through the genres, as he does the tracks. In fact, it is a great album for showcasing his talents in many ways, through different genres, and styles, one to please more than just the fans.

Can U Cook? is out now via BMG.