reWIND Perspective is a collaboration between National Theatre of Scotland and AKHE of Russia created as part of the Futureproof performing arts festival, created as a direct result of 2018 being Scotland’s Year of Young People. Futureproof consists of ten new theatre performances occurring throughout Scotland, and this one has utilised Aberdeen Beach for a site specific piece.

The audience members were first directed to Transition Extreme, the extreme sports centre just adjacent to the part of the beach where the performance was going to take place. From here wireless headsets were distributed, like those used at silent discos, and staff advised which settings should be used in order to receive the sound recordings. As soon as everyone was assembled the marshals led the way down to the ‘auditorium’. This did involve having to sit on the steps, which was uncomfortable, although not NTS’ fault.

This particular piece was inspired by the life and lesser-known inventions of Alexander Graham Bell. The meatier parts are handled by three AHKE performers – Maksim Isaev, Nikolai Khamov and Pavel Semchenko – while a group of students from Airyhall Academy provide support.

The performance has no dialogue, and is ostensibly a purely visual piece. These visuals involve four large triangles made of various materials, oil drums, a lot of neon lighting and plenty of miming and movement from those performing. The instrumental music is soothing and appropriate, and the action is genuinely mesmerising and unusual. Fire is also utilised towards the end, with tricks and stunts that any poi juggler would be envious of – these are of course left to the professionals. The finale of the piece involves the utilisation of an enormous kite – with the school age performers flying three more of a smaller size – which is spectacular to watch.

The choice of the beach as the performance area was absolutely a wise one – not only because of the fire tricks, but also for the ambience and the open space allowing the performers to move freely. A brilliantly executed and memorable work.

Photos courtesy of Michal Wachucik.

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