Continuing his promotion of Meursault’s self-released album Crow Hill, which has recently been mastered by the esteemed Mandy Parnell, (previously mastered albums such as Björk’s acclaimed Biophilia), and is due to launch in the coming months, Neil Pennycook arrived at Glasgow’s Glad Café ‘suited n booted’, he meant business. Another sold out gig, the intimate setting was not for the faint hearted, as the temperature in the room rose, both band and fans subtly shed the autumn layers in which they arrived.

Meursault this evening were supported by Mi Mye, a Wakefield-based five piece, whose likeable singer Jamie, enjoyed a good tale between tunes, which was initially endearing, but soon became a spoiler for the actual succeeding song. I couldn’t help notice some lyrics were almost verbatim to the story we had just been told. Still, there is no doubt they are a talented bunch, who compose beautiful music, with hints of Sparklehorse and a subtle King Creosote angle, modern folk, storytelling if you will, complimented by Jamie’s fiddle.

As much as I enjoyed Mi Mye’s music on the evening, something failed to capture my attention, although I’ve given them a listen since, I can’t see myself rushing to see their next live performance. Perhaps I have enough of my own stories, and just want to switch off and hear beautiful music.

After a brief period of set rearranging and refreshment break, Meursault gradually took their places on stage, crowd gently jostling around each other, repositioning themselves as best they could in anticipation for the main act. With the venue being rather snug, and the stage even more so, the only placing for the piano this evening was on the cusp of the crowd, which added to the informal and intimate vibe of the gig. Fans at the front perhaps briefly regretting their proximity, as Neil paced the floor, lost in the intensity of his music, sitting only to cover piano melodies, and to accompany Faith Eliott during a rendition of Nakhla Dog.

Crow Hill is one of the most intense albums of its time, and the live performance is no less so. Each track is masterfully layered, a truly immersive experience, and for any readers who are intrigued by Meursault’s music, but have yet to witness them perform live, I would urge you to change this, utter genius…

Photo courtesy of Laura Meek.

Meursault join others at Summerhall in a gig fundraiser to Save Leith Walk on Saturday 10th November.