Bound with string, with a wax-sealed letter included, opening up Dragon Post was rather pleasing in itself. The first book to be published by Emma Yarlett since the Nibbles titles, there is high expectation with this stunningly illustrated book, which reminds me of The Jolly Postman for the interactive, touching element. A fun and uplifting title, which looks like it would have been rather good fun to write and publish to be honest, this is a wonderful picture book for those four and up to engage with.

Alex finds a dragon living under the stairs in his home and has no idea what to do, so sets about writing a series of letters to people that would guide him, starting with the fire brigade, who (H. Y. Drant) suggest dousing him with water straight away. Not knowing what to feed him, he then receives a letter from the butcher (with the letterhead “Nice to Meat You”) suggesting that the dragon may desire meat rather than Alex’s jam sandwiches. He also writes to the Director of World Animal Welfare, aware of the size of the dragon and the size of his home, who suggest they need to fly at least once a day. Inviting an understanding of the relationship between children and how they can often look up to each other, there is also a letter from his best friend Hillary who suggests that the dragon may need a different environment altogether, not without offering a hug and an iced bun to the dragon in the letter of course. So they say their goodbyes, and the dragon goes to a more natural habitat for that type of thing.

Emma, who is an award-winning author and illustrator really shows it with Dragon Post, a light-hearted and fun exploration of what a child might do if a dragon was to appear from under the stairs. The letters have a silly aspect to them, which make it more intriguing, and combined with the vivid yet beautiful illustration, the book is a wonder for any four or five year old. In fact, I am already looking forward to introducing this book to a little person I know, who will adore it for the story.

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett.

Dragon Post is published on 4th October 2018 by Walker Books.