A man walks into a bar only it wasn’t a bar and it didn’t have to be a man or this man. There was a space more akin to a Iiving room. They used to cut up animals here but it felt soft and warm and there were couches. Salubrious couches. There was some coughing and a weak clap as an avuncular school teacher turned up, cool with all that, he maybe would meet you round the back of the temporary block for a fag after hours, not deliberately mind you but if it happened who cares. He was probably someone’s dreamboat through an eighties filter.

A pause and an introduction and then a bestirring.

Supplication to the mic and pedals begging for intransigence.

Sparse vocals between beats.


One man band making love to the mic to loop the beats to make the drums are that foundation of the track.

Intricate guitar, call and response with pedals.

Voice; Guitar; Repeat.

Duelling wall of found sound.

Archaic mine delving. He was framed.

He was somewhere else and we were somewhere else. Ecstatic elegy.

Miraculous conjuror sweat dropping, then suspended.

Orchestral swell.


So focused, proto orgasmic.

Revealed revealing conducting himself.

A dogged chase, doggedly pursuing the case, through a gumshoe soundtrack to damnation alley and won’t quit until a glowing coil of emotional embers is encouraged and then roars into life flooded with oxygen of licks and loops and raw truths.

Staccato po go ing.

Militant call to arms, bardic charms.

One. Man. Band.

Pedal to the metal.

Transforming, transporting, guiding the strings and us.

Some would say pulling.


Notes made from spiders webs, the weave and weft and then the oomph of the heft.

Staccato, glossolalia. Actions and sound.

Lost in his own reverie. Grinding Dicks.

Then maybe embark upon a Witch Hunt.

AM TV presenter vs moist caring.

And then he’s spent.

What are we?

Never the same again.

Thank you. ‘

Take any combination of three sentences or words above.

Blend judiciously.

Simmer at volume knob 11 for approximately 1 hour.


Contact your local sonic haruspex to examine the remains, the auguries will be most auspicious.

100% was given so 100% given.

Photo courtesy of David P. Scott.