So what is an Entry Level Human? That was clearly the question on everyone’s mind as they were entering the Gilded Balloon at the Teviot, in to see Zoe Lyon’s show, which is observational comedy at it’s best. An impersonation of a fly that is like a drunk Glaswegian that is struggling to get out along with her climbing into the shoes of a hotel cleaner having to clean a carpet full of motivational sayings, make this laugh-out-loud comedy that with it’s attention to detail and weaving of anecdotes encourages more than just a chuckle.

Zoe, with a history of being on shows like The Frank Skinner Show, The News Quiz and others, who is renowned for her razor sharp wit and energetic performances, was a sure-fire show to attend for giggles, chortles and eruptions as her fly consistently comes back to haunt us throughout the show. The premise for the show is simple, she addresses this concept of Entry Level after a computer technician considered her computer precisely that, and where we are at with AI and this perpetual need to take selfies and more interestingly detach ourselves from community and other beings as we get older. This desire of a utopian island way of living away from the mass population is one I am sure has entered your mind at some point in your life.

By no means exempting herself from all of this, outlining her flaws as well as the next Entry Level Human, we can relate, and even her change in tone in relation to her partner, who is initially mentioned as though it may raise eyebrows and then evolving to the “wife that won’t stop talking,” her that won’t shup up, appeases to the man in the room’s sense of humour. It’s highly charged and witty content that keeps the audience engaged for the hourly slot. An audience that are cosy with one another I may add, as it’s evident that this comedian sells out shows, and rightly so. Observational, with much on the topic of Brexit and various other news items but not rigidly so to the point that it becomes expected, Entry Level Human is one for all adults to enjoy as we ponder on the route society is moving. It’s absurdly funny, and amplified with enough detail to bring you back to various sections of the hour that reinforce the wit. Advisable for all.

Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human, Gilded Balloon – Dining Room, 5:45pm, 4th – 26th August