Every year Seymour Mace ventures North for the Edinburgh Fringe, his ‘grimsy’ shows pull me in, as there is no holding back whenever you hit the Stand venue, there’s always an eccentricity to his hour that propels me in. This year, he came on stage as a “Witch from the future” dressed in a white lab coat, long white wig and blacked out goggles to the anxiety-inducing, multi-coloured strobe lights that were to get folks talking (and they certainly worked) about the mad beginning to Mace’s show. Mad and not one for observational humour are two admissions from the get go, and had I not seen him previously, it would only take a mere second into this hour to realise he ain’t lying.

There is much to regale in this hour, but sadly difficult to do without giving away any spoilers. The show title in itself (Gets Sucked Off By God) he admits was to encourage ticket sales but he then goes on to explain how should God exist, then it’s not false in it’s statement, as surely he is in all places at any given time. There is much to mention, from his lip-synching to Radio 4 to the super-quick creation of a sock-puppet, which he then gets to sing Neil Diamond’s You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, not too dissimilar to last year’s puppet montage to the music Johnny Cash, it certainly reminded me of it. And then of course, there was the kid’s show with Mister Tuesday, yet again another puppet, an odd looking thing, that thinks every day is Tuesday, an odd concept to say the least.

For me, his best work was the more expected gags, “did you know the Pretenders are actually real” or the saddest pictures in the world, which gets the desired effect, albeit more of his screwball comedy. The laughter was certainly there with Mace in this packed out Stand venue but at times this was a little too oddball for me, as he calls out how everyone is going to live or die, an assemblage of distractions and games, amidst chat about the grim aspects of this long-standing Fringe performer’s life.

However, for a giggle and guffaw, I definitely urge you to check Seymour Mace’s show, as he certainly does not fail on getting the audience howling.

Seymour Mace Gets Sucked Off By God, The Stand Comedy Club – Stand 3, Until 26th August, 1:30pm