C Venues has been a familiar fixture at the Fringe for nearly three decades. There’s C, C royale, C south, C cubed, C aquila, C too and perhaps the most exciting and innovative, C at New Town Cookery School. This is able to house Comfort Food Cabaret, Michelle Pearson’s show that incorporating charming vocals and a live cooking demonstration culminating in the creation of a three course meal (which, by the way, the audience gets to eat). In so doing she is able to provide a feast for not only the eyes and ears, but the taste buds too – an all round treat. She’s not the only Fringe performer to have cooked up something along these lines, but the setting of her piece could not be better. Pearson gave us a taste (so many puns) of the Comfort Food Cabaret experience during the 2018 C Venues press launch, as she hosted proceedings, and fed us brownies.

C Venues often present a very wide variety of acts, from the weird, to the mediocre, to the thrilling. There were some notable performances on this afternoon, particularly Geek (C Aquila). An excerpt of this new musical set in Bible belt USA, featured some stunning soaring vocals from a young girl in long pigtails, wearing pink dungarees, prairie style. If the one song they brought us is anything to go by, this is an intriguing work with a talented cast and catchy, well written compositions.

Opening and closing the launch were Aquapella, one of an ocean of a capella groups at the Fringe. The group have won awards for their slick, dynamic choreographer and have partnered with mental health charity Mind, to whom all proceeds of their show will be donated.

Once the main launch show was over, Timpson the Musical entertained us in the bar. It seems an odd choice for a musical theatre setting, which made it all the more amusing when a group of Timpson apron wearing young people emerged and began belting out tunes with gusto and alacrity.

There’s much to discover at C Venues, some good, some not so good, but on the stages of its many venues, you’re sure to discover some gems.