I’ve been aware of Alex Edelman for quite some time and was excited to catch him at The Pleasance Courtyard. His show Just For Us centres around his very rash decision to attend a meeting in New York after seeing a tweet “Are you proud of being white?” His inner child couldn’t resist such temptation and we as an audience immediately respect that.

He structures his hour wonderfully around attending this (let’s call it what it is) Nazi meeting. In case you don’t know, Alex is Jewish and this is clearly going to be an interesting story.

The show begins charmingly and slowly as he introduces the audience to his quirky character and love of silly jokes- which he demonstrates to a warm response. He dances around politics, anti-semitism and the four words everyone should probably know in order to steer ones way out of an awkward conversation. As he walks us through this right, white meeting he touches on his childhood, his adulthood and his current relationship with the world seamlessly. He also introduces us to an array of worrying characters at this meeting.

What is so wonderful about Alex’s storytelling is that he makes a very poignant moment in a young, Jewish man’s life extremely funny, absolutely relatable and fundamentally- thought provoking; And furthermore we share in his utter glee at the end as he reveals that ultimately, he got the last laugh!

He describes himself as “An Utter delight” but I have to say he does himself a discredit. He has produced a beautifully crafted show here that really holds a mirror up to the issues we are facing as a society. I’ve only one complaint about the show – that he nonchalantly brushed over meeting Neil Armstrong, and my inner Space geek cannot forgive that.

A wonderful, charming show and absolutely worth seeing.

Alex Edelman: Just For Us, The Pleasance Courtyard – Cabaret Bar, 8.00pm, Until 26th August