Darren Hayman, singer/songwriter and the previous lead singer of Hefner, who released their first album twenty years ago, hit Glasgow’s Hug and Pint to perform this very album. It truly was a warm audible hug and lukewarm pint in this climate. With support in the form of Teen Canteen’s Carla J. Easton who was struggling with some kind of viral meningitis, there was a strong element of song-writing talent in the room, which was packed to witness this semi-nostalgia trip.

Carla was up first, resplendent in green with vivid red hair, after taking some time out from illness, performing beautiful alt-pop tracks such as Lights in the Dark, Dreamers on the Run, a track she wrote out in Canada, as well as a track she wrote for BMX Bandits called Fireworks. Her performance was great, all things considering. It was clear she was not entirely over her illness, and had pushed herself by merely being in the room on the night.

Darren Hayman performed the first album that Hefner put out, Breaking God’s Heart, which brought out all the Hefner fans, some of which were in the mood for a sing song. Performing well-loved songs such as Pull Yourself Together, A Hymn for the Postal Service as well as Eloping, as he mentioned himself on the night, it was apt to perform this hear in Glasgow as it was recorded in this city with several in the room, hearing it twenty years later. Lyrical grungy folktronica with Darren’s distinct vocals pulling us back to the past, with his narratives and earmarked references. Wonderful for Hefner fans, and also for those of Darren’s work, who like me, were newly introduced to his previous band’s work. Many in the room were standing in admiration if not singing along at this London-based singer, who once received an AIM award for the hardest working artist, as he reminded them of his long-standing song-writing talent, as we hear songs that were culminated twenty years previous. Despite only performing solo, instead of the fourpiece, it was obvious where the songs stemmed from, as it didn’t feel that much was lost from this solo performance.

A wonderfully retro rabbit hole for a couple of hours, Darren Hayman indulged Hefner fans with lyrical vocals and guitar for the evening.