Animals with Tiny Cat has a great premise, a fancy dress cat who likes to dress up as other animals. From the innovative and fabulously playful Viviane Schwarz comes a theatrical animal book for the very youngest of readers, but can Tiny Cat live up to the expectations that come with these animals it chooses to dress up as? She rolls up in a rug to become a snake and gets you to hiss! And with booties on her paws, she becomes a horse, and urges a neigh! But does Tiny Cat have what it takes to be a fearless lion, king of the jungle? There is only one way to find out.

Viviane Schwarz is a well-known name in the Children’s Picture Book world, with her long list of titles including There Are No Cats in This Book and Cheese Belongs to You!, and has a rather distinct style of illustration and storytelling which is yet again present in this sparsely worded visual title. For readers one year old and up, there are simply the names of the animals (although one does include porcupine) and the sound they make, the fun is in the pictures, as we try to unravel how Tiny Cat has imaginatively dressed up as each and every animal.

The sketchy, cartoon elements of her illustration are a joy, outlining that classic drawing can be just as effective as anything new and visceral out there. With a strict colour palette of black, white and blue, it is evidently intended for the younger toddler, but with the costumes and eventual dragon, there is much to keep them stimulated with this simple yet effective story. Viviane yet again lives up to her reputation with this fine book, which will entertain one to three year olds, certainly for those that enjoy animals. One that parents will enjoy reading with their young ones, as they too squeal the noises.

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Animals with Tiny Cat by Viviane Schwarz.

Animals with Tiny Cat was published on 4th January 2018 by Walker Books.