Moshi Moshi’s The Wave Pictures hit Glasgow’s CCA, to be greeted by some die hard fans and music aficionados alike as they performed what seemed an improvised, unrehearsed set, one which kept the audience very happy however. With Glasgow’s West Princes supporting, the guys from London had a nicely warmed and pretty satisfied crowd, which made the whole gig-playing process a lot more enjoyable for them no doubt. Well that is certainly as it seemed on stage.

West Princes, who formed in Glasgow surprised with a few tracks that profiled them to have tight instrumentals and interludes whilst the boys bounced on stage like a less graceful Francois and the Atlas Mountains. The vocals did not quite do it for me, but whilst performing it was more than evident that these guys knew how to work their instruments but not just individually but collectively as a band. I will certainly keep these guys on my music radar.

A Friday night in Glasgow, it was clear that some of their fans had lubricated themselves just a smidgeon for this gig, as many were going more than averagely happy for this band. In fact, there were two that were down in the front trying to catch the attention of the bassist, Franic Rozycki, who was rather nonchalantly sporting shades on stage. With waves, and one eventually grabbing her shades in the attempt to get noticed, it was refreshing to witness this nostalgia trip where few were actually recording on phones or Instagramming pictures of the band.

Performing oldies such as Tiny Craters in the Sand, from their 2009 album, If You Leave It Alone, as well as newer tracks like Pool Hall and even more recent, Jim, it was a fabulous gig for witnessing the eclectic mix of influences that harness this band. What attracts me to their music is that no two songs sound the same, with Dave Tattersall’s vocals threading the whole set list together (aside from that stripped down performance from drummer, Jonny, of course). Often bluesy, cinematic, folky, occasionally with an element of the surfer sound, there is much to keep the audience entertained, and as my company reminded me, they are the kind of band that makes you want to buy a guitar. A rollickingly great gig, I would certainly catch these guys live again soon.