Despite being in the gods of the SSE Hydro, which holds approximately twelve thousand in audience capacity, seeing Flight of the Conchords live, was certainly a great place to be, witnessing their popular comedy show in person. Being shown our reserved seats was anti-climatic to say the least and one from my party exclaimed, “we might as well just watch it on TV” but the atmosphere was surprisingly there amidst the twelve thousand seats across this vast spaceship of a venue. Jemaine Clements and Brett McKenzie were the duo that attracted this sold out gig, otherwise known as Flight of the Conchords, the hit TV show, which also comes with the added bonus of tongue-in-cheek song, and references like you could never entertain.

Supporting them was Eugene Mirman, who is known for his work on Bob’s Burgers, keeping the crowd fairly warm for the main set, with an averagely funny set. It’s safe to say we would not be keen to see two hours just of Eugene but for the brief half hour or so that he was on stage, he was fairly amusing, as we peered at the screens at either side of the stage. Eagerly awaiting the main act, the audience cheered immensely when the famed duo hit the stage, with a guy behind us actually singing some of the songs as they entered.

It was impossible not to notice the vast age change from when they first started out to where they are now, as they sat with their greying hair, but no less funny all the same. Performing tracks such as Foux du Fafa and Innercity Pressure as well as my personal favourite and now homage track to the late great David Bowie, Bowie, the crowd were suitably satisfied with the set, whilst they discussed their rock’n’roll touring lifestyle in much detail, like the time they thought they were stuck in the lift but had forgotten to hit the buttons or the time that they had been given a complimentary muffin in a Premier Inn but did not share, clearly a held grudge for Brett. Despite the vast distance from the stage, there was still a shared connection with the duo and the others in the crowd, giggling and heartily laughing, something I guess you would not share from watching it on TV.

Clearly still tip top with their comedy and performances, these boys will still be touring when their grey hair goes white and their fans will no doubt still struggle to get a ticket into the gig. a wonderful show.

Flight of the Conchords are next performing at the Eventim Apollo in London in February,