When you first read a bill that includes Manchester-born KAZE, Canada’s Jerry Leger & The Situation, closing with Edinburgh born Angus Munro, it is difficult to see the thread lingering through this line-up. Performing at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint, all three gave a stunning performance, albeit all in very different capacities, and clearly with vastly unique musical influences. However, with the tongue-in-cheek elements oozing from both KAZE and Angus Munro, it was the far-travelling Canadians that stood out, capturing the crowd with a ton of slide guitar.

KAZE, Paisley’s Graham McCusker and Kent’s Amy Webber, were as much about performance as the music, if not more, as she treated the crowd to a great deal of thrusting and interpretative dance whilst donning a jumpsuit and fascinator. Singing a handful of tracks including their recent single Fierce, the stage looks like that of the theatre tonight, with musical tendencies, with the literal dance interpretations to the lyrics and the frivolity that sits amongst their set.

Jerry Leger & The Situation were next on, adding an altogether disparate tone, their first time in Glasgow, travelling all the way from Toronto, to perform vintage rock, blues and western tracks about angels and time flying by, with lyrics like, “the bullets, they rain on me tonight.” It was a far cry from KAZE, dropping a more sombre vibe across the venue, as our ears relished in that beautiful slide guitar and songs about heartache from the troubadour, all before headliner, Angus Munro took to the stage.

Adorned in a bright pink suit, and lime green Lupe Pintos t-shirt, Angus Munro, who has clearly ventured to the deepest darkest depths of Toll Cross in Edinburgh, took to the stage to provide more tongue in check performances, which keyboard-led, had Flight of the Conchords’ references aside a Michael Bublé style vocal. There is much to admire from the set, mostly the humour and desire not to be taken too seriously, and well of course, his wardrobe of attire.

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