Going to see the live gig of a support band based on one song isn’t something I’d normally do or put myself forward for but after the first listen to Sure and being caught up in its nineties dreamy shoegaze pop haze, I find myself at the Hug and Pint to see Australia’s Hatchie.

A full band, six song set is what we got from Hatchie and after some searching online for more of her other songs it turned out I was pretty well versed in her set.

Opener, Try, with its washed in chorus, breathy vocals and a big pop hook chorus gets most of the busy Hug and Pint moving and sets us up nicely for the rest of her set.

Sugar and Spice, another previously released single, follows and bounces down the same path that has reached out to hook me and her online following in. This isn’t the reinventing of the wheel or redefining a genre, but the song craft is great and the dynamic works really well, with big choruses and simple relatable lyrics about relationships.

The only slight downbeat moment was a song described by Hatchie as her favourite, called Bad Guy, which dropped the tempo and clunked alongside the other more upbeat songs in the set.

Closer, Sure, with its lush chorus heavy chord progression was as uplifting and energetic live as I’d hoped, having unnecessarily built it up by playing it over and over the entire week leading up to the gig. With that, our short six song set introducing Hatchie to Glasgow is over.

If only this had been outdoors at a summer festival with the sun beating down, cold drink in hand and listening to the warm fuzzy pop coming out over the speakers…