From Walker Studio, an imprint of Walker Books, publishers of Trees and the beautifully illustrated Animals, comes Surprising Birds. The creation of French-Swedish designer, Elodie Jarret, who also designed Big Dog, Little Dog, this ‘lift-the flap’ and learn book is intended to teach colours to children between the ages of three and seven, though arguably even younger readers will quite happily giggle and point their way through to the very end. Chunky, sturdy, square and pleasing to hold, every thick cardboard double page opens out to reveal a boldly colourful and peculiar bird that kids will wish could leap out from the pages and come to life.

From black-spotted duck look-a-likes, to shifty green-eyed beasts with oversized wings, each of these fat, thin, swirly tailed and small-bodied feathered friends with oversized orange beaks comes with its own flap that conceals a new colour on every page – both the shade and the written word. But the surprise of this book isn’t only in the covertly flap-covered colours that sneakily encourage learning through fun, but the wildly inventive and cute cast of characters. These feathered vertebrates are sure to become firm friends of every wildlife-loving child.

Tucked beneath duvet-like wings, speckled heads and bottom feathers resembling a pair of frilly bloomers, this gorgeous book is a bounty of oddly endearing and lovable oddballs that look as though they have secret stories all of their own. With such a limited narrative, this book does what all good children’s books should do – allow space for the imagination to run amok! Bedtime reading grown-ups can go wild, inventing curious tales and adventures for these bizarre but beautifully comical birds. A sure-fire hit with little ones, this is a book that can be brought down from the shelf night after night after night. Walker Studio has unquestionably published another favourite.

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published Surprising Birds by Elodie Jarret.

Surprising Birds was published on 1st March 2018 by Walker Studio.