This new venture is described as a “unique opportunity to take the next generation to their first gig. Musical nourishment for tiny ear holes” and yet I stumbled on in to the surprise that we were the only ones there without children. I should’ve at least looked at the small print and realised that this one is for small people. Anyhow, on this Sunday afternoon we soon realised what we had let ourselves in for at Glasgow’s renowned haunt, SWG3. A great line-up, and certainly one for adult ears was forthcoming so we stuck about and indulged in the performances, however non-appropriate for the young folks.

First on the bill was poet, Michael Pedersen, who read mostly from his book, Oyster, engaging with both the children and the adults. His lyrical poetry about that first moment he set eyes on a girl as a young lad was somewhat lost amidst the noise of the weans and the chatter of the parents having a social and a catch up. Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison‘s mum had previously given Michael a snake dotted with oysters to celebrate the publication of the book, and for Michael it seemed like the perfect moment to bring it to his audience, his audience being two feet high induced by sugar and adrenalin.

Next was one of my favourites on the bill, the acclaimed Withered Hand, as he mentioned that he had already kids by the time he became a musician, implying much of the music should resonate with the parents. Playing tracks such as Religious Songs, apt for a Sunday afternoon, and the chilled out California, the atmosphere was no further diffused as the elder kids attempted to dance to the music, whilst it was geared for a more chilled afternoon for the parents. I presumed we would have heard Heart Heart otherwise.

After a break and some sacrificial passings of Krispy Kremes rather than bread, the kids were geared up again for a dose of Hollie McNish and her award-winning poetry on being a mother and the sensations and physical motions. Hollie was expectedly great before the main act, Scott Hutchison, the lead for Frightened Rabbit, took to the stage and concluded the afternoon for those now suffering from various degrees of sugar rushes, or popped balloons. Had I been a parent, I might well have enjoyed this afternoon’s ents, who were all in good knick. I just perhaps should’ve grabbed my niece afore venturing to another Major Minor Music Club event again.

Photos courtesy of Kat Gollock.

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