Another Celtic Connections gig, another night of musical anecdotes and tight performances from Hackney-based Flyte, Canadian The Weather Station, fronted by Tamara Lindeman, and Los Angeles-based Lord Huron, who wonderfully headlined the evening to what seemed like a packed-out venue. Lord Huron, whose tracks are entirely fictional, inspired by Western novels and the likes of Kurt Vonnegut, filled the room with wonderful words and music that held it together with blues, country and folk music, creating a beautiful vibe amidst the audience.

London’s Flyte kicked off the gig with their vocal sounds of Del Amitri, entwined with clear Connan Mockasin and Sufjan Stevens influences, charming the crowd with their grunge aesthetic and the folk ballads of the likes of Cathy Come Home and Archie, Marry Me. The alt-indie quartet nicely warmed us up for a night of folklore and fiction, and lived up to their previous acclaim and expectation.

Next on was The Weather Station, fronted by a lass in a red satin shirt, that there lass being Tamara Lindeman, who hoards elements of Martha Wainwright, but also Tori Amos and Kate Bush. Heartfelt ballads prepared the audience for the main act, American indie folk band, Lord Huron.

Heavy on bass, country and cinematic in their style they’re a charismatic, tight, sexy band. Anthemic, amplified, epic sound, Lord Huron have all the makings of a great indie folk act and make an ideal headliner for the Celtic Connections festival. The group’s debut album, Lonesome Dreams, was released in the UK and Ireland in January 2013. The band’s third album, Vide Noir, will come out this year on April 20, 2018.

Clearly a hard-working band, the drummer was spotted playing both maracas and drumming simultaneously during which a fan exclaimed “We Love you Ben,” referring to lead singer Ben Schneider. The quintet’s inimitable spin on US indie-folk sets his fictional tales amid compellingly harmonised, reverb-heavy soundscapes, laced with surf and bluesy licks, occasionally bringing in the enigmatic theremin to surprise their gaping crowd. Performing stunning tracks such as Meet Me In The Woods from Strange Trails and Wait By The River from the album due to be released, it’s evident that the likes of Fleet Foxes and yet, Bruce Springsteen are also influences for this band.

One thing was clear, Lord Huron had their fans satisfied, as the vibe in the room was resoundingly warm.

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