Pencils, crayons and even pens at the ready – this colouring book contains luxuriously thick paper. Gone are the days of pen marks bleeding through thin papered colouring books which tear under pressure. Tested with crayons, pencils, felt tips and even the beloved Sharpie marker pen, 100 Christmas Colouring Book illustrated by Dominika Lipniewska and published by Tate, has proven to withstand them all. You no longer need to fear about the illustrations on the next page suffering from ghosting because this beautifully smooth paper absorbs the ink leaving the following page a crisp pearly white.

With simple illustrations reminiscent of mid century pre-school colouring books, a clear nod to the style embraced by Tate within its diverse range of Children’s literature, it is fitting that this era of design is returning to popular fashion. The chunky lines and large white spaces make the book suitable for younger children to colour with chunky crayons whilst older children and adults take pleasure in adding the details and designing their own patterns making this a versatile colouring book for all ages.

Each double page spread is devoted to its own festive theme, be it a page full of 100 festive shoppers, 100 Christmas biscuits or 100 mini Santas, you will not find the same object twice. Lipniewska’s bold, graphic, lively style adds a sense of quirkiness to the illustrations. Measuring at 47cm x 33.5cm when opened it is the perfect size for colouring together. A checklist features on the last page of the book, sending the user on a hunt to find specific objects or people hidden within each spread. Not only does this enhance the level of engagement but adds an extra element of fun and challenge.

Unfortunately the quality of print, design and paper grade are offset by the quantity of pages within the book which can only be described as lacking. At only twenty pages there are far fewer than I would have liked or even anticipated. It won’t be long until the peace is shattered and I hear the children piping up and asking for more.

100 Christmas Colouring Book was published in September 2017 by Tate Publishing.