Within young gallery, Mary Mary Gallery, situated in the heart of Glasgow’s centre, sits an ambitious three-person exhibition, three painters that seek to ambitiously present ideas in a non-conformity fashion. Vibrant, and experimental, all three are not obviously linked but certainly share these approaches, as the three root themselves in a more textural application of paint.

Alvarado’s work is distinctively unique, as she has painted double-sided banners for the exhibition, which at times look like textiles. Adding feathers and pigments to her works, with a red and black colour palette, she creates an unusual textural surface on these hung banners that open up a path to explore the exhibition in this entirely white space. Connecting her paintings to the red cochineal beetle dye and smoked pine pitch-wood black of early Mexican manuscript painting, there is something otherworldly about her work, which also seems entrenched in tradition.

Alex Olson’s work on the other hand centres around this theme of reveal or excavation, where parts are exposed along the way. Her work reveals the building and selections that went into creating the work. Allowing you to see the process into her creations her art is somewhat insightful. These works are transforming, developing, offering the viewer glimpses of the paintings’ evolution as well as other options in the investigation, offering an altogether different pathway around the exhibition.

Daniel Sinsel’s work mines the distinctions between sculpture and painting, adopting his individual form of illusionism, with the leaves and fruits of the fig tree as a re-occuring theme. Throughout these works, Sinsel upsets and investigates the body and physicality as well as focussing on spatial illusion. He particularly considers the system that resembles an autonomic nervous system responsible for digestion, breathing, tensing and relaxing etc and psychological associations; illustrations of thought processes or emotional states.

All three evocative and vivid, the exhibition is worth the trek, with two out of the three American artists, and the other based in London. A loosely themed exhibition there is much to be got from this insightful art visit. If nothing else, it was a great venture into a new gallery space.

Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson and Daniel Sinsel’s exhibition runs at Mary Mary Gallery, Glasgow until 20th January 2018.