Thirteen years after its conception by director David Bates, La Clique Noel is still going strong and it’s no surprise. The Underbelly delivers once again with this kaleidoscopic whirlwind of a show – think ‘best of the Fringe’ – the finest in their field of entertainment have been cherry-picked to make this a whopper of a show, which shrewdly caters to all tastes when it comes to entertainment.

The name is slightly misleading; in that there isn’t much ‘Christmas’ going on, but don’t let that put you off. The show is jam-packed with jaw-dropping spectacles; from a neon-lit flash-dance to heart-stopping acrobatics. Young Tim Kriegler is a master of his art and a testament to where sheer discipline and determination can get you; in his case several feet above the ground in contortions that are both graceful and impossible at once. Johnny Rey will test your limits to the edge along with his own, and Craig Reid will have you laughing your head off whilst simultaneously staring in awe as he deftly manoeuvres not two, but twenty hula-hoops.

The ladies brought some balancing lightness with their comedy, in the form of Leah Shelton, whose slapstick style was easy on the eye, Bernie Dieter, who easily commands a room of alcohol-fuelled attendees, and Heather Holiday who makes a game of swallow the sword and blow the fire (albeit a little bit too emphatically, if you catch my drift). Scott Grabell, appearing in head-to-toe blue lycra delivered injections of frilly hilarity whilst Kelly Wolfgramm brought home the soundtrack in true cabaret style with her resonating vocals. The La Clique Palais Orkestra provided a stylish and full-of-oomph backdrop to the proceedings with its talented musicians.

Starting from £20.50 a ticket it’s reasonably priced for the two hours of fun that ensues, but the ringside and posh seats will offer a close-up encounter and a guaranteed view of the aerial action, and they come in at the £40-50 mark.

La Clique Noel is a jam-packed and varied night, a great laugh and fantastic entertainment, and all good fun after a hard day’s work – and surely the most entertaining festive night out in Edinburgh.

Photo courtesy of Ian Goergeson.

For more on La Clique Noel and to book tickets click here. It runs until 6th January.