On Sunday evening my fiance and I took a wander around the famous Edinburgh Christmas Market.

Honestly.. it was freezing, jam packed busy and I could barely look at any stalls for more than five seconds, never mind take some great photos!

The reason Edinburgh Christmas Market is so busy is because it’s one of the best Christmas markets in the world. Every year from November until January people come from all over to experience an Edinburgh Christmas. There must be over a hundred stalls all selling beautiful gifts, candles, scarves, decorations, sweet treats, alcoholic drinks and hot food. And if shopping isn’t your thing then you have a huge choice of festive family events and attractions available to you.

Upon arriving we were greeted with the comforting and festive smells of mulled wine, steaks, hot chocolate, flavoured coffee and gourmet burgers. After smelling this, we both agreed that we were hungry and set off to find food. After lots of slow walking and dodging people, I was getting cold, hungry and miserable from being bumped into and pushed around. Every food stall we came to had a huge crowd in front of it waiting to be served.

After what seemed like half an hour to walk fifteen metres through the walls of people, we found a fairly quiet little German sausage hut. We each ordered a monster-sized Bratwurst which warmed us up (and tasted absolutely amazing!) and we were off again to continue our wander around.

We came across more beautifully dressed stalls selling delicate and precious little bits and pieces. One of the final stalls we came to at Edinburgh Christmas Market was my favourite. It was a stall called The Fudge Company. They had mountain upon mountain of all different flavours of fudge! Malt whisky, ferrero rocher, cookie dough, mint choc chip, coffee and cream, orange crisp and Irn Bru are to name a few!


Christmas Tree Maze
Crazy Cars
Drop Tower
Balloon Ride
Candy Cane Bungees
Ice Skating
Ice Wall
Flying Chairs
Helter Skelter
Ice Adventure
Ice Bar
Star Flyer
The Forth 1 Big Wheel
Reindeer Ride
Santa Train
Santa’s Grotto
The Yeti

What a list! (Wooow! Christmas Tree Maze and Ice Bar please!) There’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy at Edinburgh Christmas Market.

Apart from the bitter cold and how busy Edinburgh Christmas Market was, we had a really lovely time and definitely left feeling the Christmas Spirit!