Ghostpoet surprisingly took himself to the more intimate stage of Glasgow’s Stereo on Saturday night when many were out guising in their spooky costumes or contentious outfits. The only ghost I was concerned with seeing that night was this poet, and he was more than enough with his energetic, inimitable set.

I was more than surprised by the venue choice for this Mercury-award nominee, as it was cosy and sold out by the looks of things, but ideal for a more personable experience with this artist that just oozes with cool. The crowd certainly seemed ecstatic to be seeing Ghostpoet or Obaro Ejimiwe in such a surround, and his hard-working band of musicians pulled it together for an over arching great sound.

Obaro Ejimiwe’s career as Ghostpoet took off in 2011 with debut album, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, shortlisted for the Mercury Prize. Later, his 2015 album, Shedding Skin, which featured guest appearances by Nadine Shah, Etta Bond and Lucy Rose, was also nominated and Ghostpoet’s fourth album Dark Days + Canapés was recently released on August 18th 2017, one which he is presently promoting on tour.

With his husky whispers of lyrical content along with an energetic performance which saw him dance and get enthused, immersed into his music it was near impossible to steal your eyes away from the stage whilst watching Ghostpoet. Beguiling, mesmerising, the epitome of cool (well he was certainly sending out Maxi Jazz vibes in Glasgow’s Stereo), Ejimiwe’s show was near stunning. Performing his lyrical tracks, oft dark with glimmers of hope, such as Live>Leave and Woe is Mee, with a band to offset the lyrical content sometimes with layers of dub step, or elements of drum n bass, this gig had a high enjoyment factor by most in the building.

With a full comprehension of why he has such a following and fan base I am now keen to see this performer again, with such an immersive performance. And with this diverse audience, some dressed in their Halloween attire, most not, some jiving to dub step and some simply captivated by his energy, the enthusiasm for his music felt authentic, full of heart and no sense of disingenuous at all. This performer seems all heart and this will certainly not be the last we hear of him, and hopefully, deservingly of a future Mercury win.

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