Award-winning Edinburgh-based illustrator Alice Melvin has chosen to mark ten years of her relationship with the Tate Gallery by releasing Treasure Hunt, a keepsake activity book aimed squarely at the over fives. It’s a charming little collection of activities that your child is sure to love, particularly during the autumn and winter months.

There is more to each individual task than simply drawing or colouring in – each one will require your child to use their imagination and initiative, as well as to hunt for various different materials including, but not limited to, tin foil, leaves, feathers, old photos, wool, sequins, string and even old keys. With these materials your child will decorate rainbows, birds’ tails, butterfly wings and toy robots. The last task requires the use of the sheet of star stickers provided in the back cover to complete it, and the result is a work for your child to be proud of in years to come.

With the onset of autumn and winter, Treasure Hunt will certainly be the go-to book for your child to while away the cold days that will come. Not only will it keep them entertained for hours, but would certainly have potential to become a full-blown project during this time, and will prove to be a potentially welcome change from the glare of an iPad or TV screen.

Treasure Hunt is out now, published by Tate Publishing.