Wistful, eccentric, the musician that will time and time again impress with her sheer commitment and hard work, Tori Amos, took to the stage of the O2 Academy in Glasgow, to play a barrage of requests with barely a breather and promote the new album, Native Invader, which came out on 8th September on Decca Records.

Incorporating Here Comes The Rain Again, by the Eurythmics along with Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat, into her set, there is a true sense that she does take and play requests. Transforming these songs and making them her own, she’s mesmerising to watch perform. With a light show that not only coordinated wonderfully with not just the music but her clothing, and her dedication to her performance, moving between synth and piano (and sometimes playing simultaneously), she is stunningly impressive and hard-working with barely a breath breathed prior to the encore.

Including tracks from her newest album, Native Invader, she played incessantly to her fans, as they screamed and howled, with applaud. Wearing an autumnal dress with an autumnal setting she rather looked the part too as she dramatically swivelled from piano to synth and back to piano again. Keeping the crowd visually stimulated with this show, whilst she seduced us on stage with her beguiling performance.

With a stunning encore, including A Sorta Fairytale, that at one point sees her playing both instruments at the same time, almost flawlessly, the performance, the show, the sheer determination and working ethos of this long-standing musician is apparent. She stuns and entertains her crowd, and keeps them gasping for more until the next time she plays Glasgow, performing to request.

This tour is not a Little Earthquakes tour and we have certainly seen her play better but there is no doubting that Tori Amos can put on a show and stimulate her crowd. There was an energetic buzz in this hall that meant most could not sit still on their seats during the gig. Worth the money for a live performance is Tori.

Photos courtesy of Shirlaine Forrest.

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